Presidential Pardons

You may or may not know, but I have been flattened for the last three days by some sort of evil Martian Death Virus. It comes with a low fever, vicious chills and pain in every joint I have except my right knee. So there’s that…

bradley-manning-aiding-the-enemyAt any rate, with all the chatter about the various pardons issued by outgoing President Obama, including the Pvt Bradley Manning one, I thought that I would concentrate this Constitution Thursday on the Pardon power found in Article II. However, it’s possible that I will be in bed, shaking from chills and too sore to get up. So I figured I’d at least put up the show with John & I talking about the issue back in 2013. While this episode deals mostly with famous pardons up to that point, particularly Nixon, the process is the same; the effect is the same. And when this was recorded, I was also- as you can hear – quite sick! 

If I can get up, I will try to add some more up to date thoughts to it. But if not… at least you’ll have this before I am gone, taken by the Martian Death Virus. For which the CDC has issued no warning about and is unlikely to get the same headlines as THE EBOLA!!!!!!!

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