Trafficking In The 209

Briggsmore Off Ramp Traffic – Modesto Bee

The Dave & John Show was born in the heart of the 209, and even if the boys aren’t “here,” per se, they still can tell you their own personal stories of Modesto traffic hell.

While John is coming back to the 209 for the weekend, Dave is headed up US 99 to the 253 (Tacoma) for a potential life-changing purchase. Which will not be made with lottery winnings, even if he has a Starbucks or seven along the way.

John watches the Bachelor. Dave does not. Be like John, or at least let him tell Dave what’s been happening on the show. What they won’t talk about is Dave’s weird John Malkovich fetish. 

The title for the next Star Wars movie has been released. The Last Jedi has the boys discussing the meaning of every word in the title. Yes… even “The.”

Take a ride on the 209 Roads with Dave & John as they enjoy an evening of fun and frivolity without actually getting behind the wheel or talking on the phone while driving!





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