Heaven & Hell. Mostly Hell.

Dave opens the show by sort or, almost, kind of apologizing to John for his opinion – which we point out was correct – about the 1984 film, “Dune,” which stared an almost naked Sting with an amazing grin on his face. They get into some other books that were good, then made into really crappy movies but could be remade now with 21st Century film making and be waaaaay better…

The Bachelor features an attempted murder. John watched it so that you don’t have to…

16640707_10212259391427808_8705417051959566667_nAn new Ikea has opened in Burbank, where John works. It’s the biggest Ikea in the world, and John needs a new end table. So why hasn’t he gone?

Dave buys a welding machine. He plans to become a super villain welder…

A and B, it seems like you must be one or the other, and if you deviate from even one checklist item you are a heretic and an blasphemer. You might go to hell, but Dave is Jewish and they don’t believe in hell. Or maybe they do. It kinda depends on things..

John has insomnia. So he got a prescription. Dave also has a prescription. But its probably illegal for him to sell his sleep aids.

It’s been a long and strange week, time to hit the reset button and just relax!






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