The Russians Are Coming

83416720I don’t mean to alarm anybody, but THERE IS A RUSSIAN SPY SHIP 30 MILES OF THE COAST OF CONNECTICUT!!!!!!!!

The North Koreans and the the Soviets, er, I meant the Russians are launching missiles! The Navy says that our launch of missiles was not, no way, no how, not a chance in hell, related to their launches. The media tells me to “be gravely concerned.” World War III is probably, or at least possibly, about to break out any moment. If only Hillary was President. She’d know what to do! But that dirty Putin stole it from her!

Okay, enough of the hyperbole over the Russian AGI (Spy Ship).

It’s normal, folks. The only “news” here is that there is only one of them. North Korea may have SLBMs and Russia may be firing off Cruise Missiles, but neither of them have the TRIDENT II D4 missile. And believe me, that makes a whole lot of difference.

So you can stay awake tonight like it’s 1963 all over again and panic. Or, you can think and use logic.

Are you man or media?

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