The Fifth of March

Back in 2014, I was honored to have Robert Allison, Professor of American History and Chair of the History Department at Suffolk University in Boston on the show to talk about the events of March 5, 1773. 

journal_of_the_american_revolution_logo_2016I met (via the interwebs) Professor Allison via a mutual acquaintance, Todd Andrlik  of ALL THINGS LIBERTY (I’m serious… bookmark that site and read it every day!), one of my favorite and one of – if not *THE* best – American history websites out there. Plus Todd’s book, Reporting the Revolutionary War is something that everybody should have and read.

At any rate, Professor Allison was on to talk about the true story of the Boston Massacre, which in many ways is far more interesting than the romanticized version that Paul Revere gave us.

The audio quality of the interview isn’t what I would normally have liked. We had a rather spotty connection and there is a bit of noise to it, but the information is there and it is super great. It is also a bit hot, so you might want to turn your headphones down a bit at first. 

So from March 5, 2014, here is Professor Robert Allison and I talking about the Boston Massacre…

Download 150x150




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