A TiTanic Paradox

Plausibly Live

Ben loves to play “Would You Rather?” It’s a game where he postulates two – usually absurd – scenarios that are generally unrelated and asked which one you would rather do. Yesterday it was this:

“Dad, would you rather go back in time top your worst mistake and fix it; or go back to 1912 and ride the TiTanic, but you know that you will get into a lifeboat?”

It’s really a rather profound question from a seven-year-old. Sure, I have my regrets surrounding my “worst mistake,” but as was pointed out on my Facebook feed, I wouldn’t be here if that hadn’t happened. In fact, I can postulate a scenario where if I don’t make that mistake, my life today is really screwed up. On the other hand, it would have saved me a bought of clinical depression and alcohol abuse.

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