When Socialism Met Reality

The City of Seattle had an idea. The $200 Million they are spending every year on “addressing homelessness” wasn’t enough to solve whatever issue they are trying to solve. They needed more. Looking around, they realized that there are some six hundred businesses located in Seattle that have revenues of more than $20 Million/year. They have thousands of employees. “So…” thought Seattle, “We’ll just apply a head tax to those 150,000 employees and, ‘voila!’ an extra $75 Million/year to ‘address” homelessness!”

A perfect progressive socialistic solution to the problem of not having enough of other peoples money to spend how the City of Seattle wanted to spend it.

And then Seattle’s Socialists hit a Wall of Reality.

Amazon, the City’s largest employer announced that it was suspending, pending the vote on the head tax, construction of a 1Million square foot office facility and with it 7000-8000 new jobs in the City of Seattle.

Panic has ensued. When a City council member showed up on the street to decry the division by claiming that “When we fight, the bosses win,” she was met by UNION construction workers who shouted her down.

It’s really not a surprise. Reality almost always defeats socialism. Unless socialism has all the guns, that is…


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