Why Care?


school shooting in Texas this morning has passions once again inflamed. It is far, far to early to draw any conclusions. As of this moment we have virtually no information whatsoever from which to conclude anything. But the one thing that we do know is that Social Media and traditional media will be full of people with opinions and arguments today. Those arguments will be angry, zinger-filled exchanges that will – in the end – decide nothing.

There is one thing that I had noticed about these school shootings. That is that people care about them.

That sounds like a silly thing to say. But whether its the media coverage, the political debates or social media, the fact is that once upon a time, the Nation greeted such news derisively and without the concern now exhibited. And it wasn’t that long ago.

Generally speaking, I stay away from election prediction activities. Polls are almost always wrong, predictions are usually flawed in some way or another, and there is always rejoicing over the downfall of one side or another. Having said that, what are we to make of the recent comments of Senator Chuck Grassley, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who has called for “conservative” justices on the Supreme Court to Step Down before November?


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