First Person School Shooting

A new video game available next month has been widely condemned as inappropriate and insensitive. Why? Might there be something to the theory that our social restraints are being lowered to a threshold that was unimaginable a couple of decades ago?

Remember the whole “remove the Statue” thing a few months ago? We were told that only “Offensive” monuments should or would be removed. Those that were “racist” or otherwise depicted history inaccurately or worse, were not in keeping with modern sensibilities about what history should be would be expunged. Other monuments would not be removed. Right?

And so we come to New Jersey and the monument to the victims of the Katyn Forest Massacre in 1940. For many years it was unclear who committed the atrocity, the Nazi’s or the Soviets, but in 1990 the truth came out and it was listed as “one of the grave crimes of Stalinism.” What’s that have to do with a monument in New Jersey? Well… it needs to be removed – temporarily – for some construction. But some vocal folks have made it clear that they do not want it back…

My old home, Stanislaus County, has hit a… well… a barrier to the idea of opening it’s Low Barrier Shelter for the Homeless. Why? Because the entire concept of a “Low Barrier Shelter” is incredibly stupid and completely unworkable. Nobody is going to step up and take on the liability of such a silly idea.


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