Twitter Gets People Fired

“Grumpy Dave” is here to have a thrombo over the various fake reactions to the Twittermination of Rosanne Barr. Look, if you’re a GOP leader at any level, stop griping about the MSM being “Fake News” by posting fake memes that support your view. Rosanne was never a conservative or even on the political right, no matter what the CHARACTER she gets paid to PRETEND to be said or did.

The volcano is going to get you, no matter what.

The good news is that the Entertainment writers have some suggestions for shows to be watched now that there will be no Rosanne Show. But all of them are meh, at best, or outright rip-offs of other plots. really, who is surprised?

A Tennessee Congresswomen is pretty sure that she knows what’s causing school shootings. It’s something she seems to find every day in the grocery store as if she and her multi-million portfolio actually shop at grocery stores…


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