It’s a return of the “Ketchup Friday” on the show. all the stuff I didn’t have time for this week gets poured out onto the delicious grilled burger that is Plausibly Live.

So… The latest Windows 10 update. Whither my Arial font?

I am torn on the whole Samantha Bee tweet. On the one hand, she is NOT funny. I don’t know who told her that she’s funny, but they lied to her. she’s not even slightly funny. On the other hand, she is the Executive Producer of one of the funniest shows on TV and one of the few that I really like. So while most Conservative Chat Show Hosts are screeching for her termination and – I assume – her demise, I am kinda hoping that she’ll actually survive this…

The Equal Rights Amendment was ratified this week by the State of Illinois. I’m not kidding. Now it’s supporters are claiming that if just one more State gets on board, it will become a part of the Constitution. Not so fast there, Cowboy…

The Trump Twitter ruling isn’t as clear as it seemed. The Judges said that it was Unconstitutional for the President to block people on the Social Media platform. It’s what she did not do that is causing… well… issues…


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