Colorado vs The 1st Amendment


The Supreme Court released it’s ruling on the Colorado Baker who refused a Gay couple’s request for a Wedding Cake. Don’t get excited. The fact that it’s a 7-2 ruling should tell you that it doesn’t mean what the talking heads will tell you it means…

Ben often cries to me that something – a punishment, an action, whatever – “isn’t fair!” Over the weekend I read two stories in my local mini-paper that had me asking the question: When did “fairness” – as defined by somebody – become a necessity to civilized society? Not in the sense of basic fairness, life, liberty, and property, but in the obsession with EVERYTHING MUST be “fair” to the utmost degree possible and even then, we must continue to “work” to make it ever more fair.

It started with some Smelt that turned out to be Anchovies and some Harbor Seals…

Seventy-six years ago, it wasn’t fair that the Imperial Japanese Navy outnumbered and outgunned the US Navy. It “wasn’t fair” that Torpedo Squadron Eight (VT-8) aboard USS Hornet (CV-8) was forced to fly in obsolete death traps in a hopeless attack that had no chance of success.

It wasn’t “fair” when VT-8 soared into oblivion from two bases. Today we recall not just their sacrifice, but the very meaning of the word. And the realization that without their sacrifice, the rest of that day would not have gone as it did.


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