An article that I read yesterday informed me that the millennial’s who are producing more YouTube content than any one person could watch in a lifetime are having issues. No, not YouTube demonetizing them. They are “unhappy” and “stressed out.” Of course, they are producing content that shows them in “vulnerable” moments, talking about how stressed they are and asking rhetorically, “Why am I unhappy?”

I have a theory about it.

Seventy-four years ago 115,000+ men did something incredible. something that a lot of people were certain that they could not do and even more people weren’t certain they could do. They didn’t do it to make anybody, least of all themselves, “happy.” They did it because it had to be done. They did it despite colossal screw-up’s. They improvised; they adapted, and they overcame.

When they came home from the job, they didn’t whine about being stressed. They didn’t ask “Why am I so unhappy?” The went to work and once again, they did the job of raising the next generations.

Oh… one of those men was my Great Uncle Bill, my Grandmother Clara’s brother.


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