The War of 1812

There’s a remarkable thing that happens when old friends meet up for the first time in decades. The reunion isn’t until tomorrow, but three of us sat down on Saturday afternoon at a local watering hole and it was almost like we’d just gotten off duty 31 years ago. well, except for the part where I didn’t actually know what was actually in the bottles of Listerine back then… More than three decades ago, our ship helped to change the world. Our presence, our mission, or accomplishment was seen in the fall of the Berlin wall and the Soviet Union. We were a part of that. The amazing thing to me is that all these years later, our beloved Michigan was once again, part of changing the world for the better.

We live in a world of instate gratification. whether you talk about the “Marshmallow Test” or the way we watch television, we have to have it and we have to have it RIGHT NOW! Nowhere is this more apparent than in our “debate” – which it isn’t – over our immigration system. It’s degenerated into nothing more than a pointless argument. Both sides are entrenched and will not budge on any point, no matter how trivial.


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