The process by which two different people can look at exactly the same thing and come to two diametrically opposed opinions about what it is or means is – at it’s core – the real issue. we almost never take the time to learn WHY a given person sees things the way that they see them. We almost never take the time to explain WHY we feel the way we do.

Of course, the level of discourse discourages any attempt by either person to do so. It’s much more effective to drop a 140 character zinger than to actually endeavor to find out why another person, let alone myself, thinks a certain way.

And so, what we will now observe in the hallowed Halls of Congress will be a farce of what should be happening. Instead of delving into why an individual thinks a certain thing, we will praise and/or condemn them based solely on WHAT their position is on one specific topic.

When it’s all over, many people will celebrate. Many others will weep and gnash their teeth. Both will decry the “tactics” the other side engaged in during the “debate.”

And in a few weeks, months, years… we’ll start the whole thing over again…


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