Brain Wiring

The biggest difference between Dave on the AM Radio dial and Dave on the Internet Radio Dial is that now I read eMails. Seriously, when I was on KFIV, I hated getting eMail because 99% of it was insane rambling AHT. But now, I actually read them because, and I say this as politely as I can, the smaller audience is much, much smarter.

After the show on Friday, I got an eMail from a listener who suggested that the way people think is hardwired. Thus people who tend to use emotions lean progressive, while people who use logic lean conservative.

I wish that was the way it was.

Based on Social Media, one would have to conclude that what really drives people’s apparent thought process has less to do with logic, numbers, or even just emotions. It’s pretty obvious that it’s little more than just wanting to be liked by our social circle…


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