Ep 447 – You Believe What You Want to Believe

This entire podcast is about how people believe what they want. This is true on so many levels, that it takes Tim the whole two hours to unwrap it. When it comes to politics, religion, or even our personal lives, we can see that people are stuck in their ways, and even if they are unhappy, they don’t recognize that their own beliefs are the cause of their own challenges.

Millions of American want to believe that Donald Trump colluded with Russians. They really WANT it to be true! Why? Because if Trump colluded with Russians, it explains why he won the 2016 election.

People want to say their either is or isn’t a “god”. It isn’t just people of faith who “want” to believe, but also atheists who don’t want to believe. We all believe what we do because we want it!

Finally, Tim makes it personal. If you are a loser, it is BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE A LOSER! Sometimes, being a loser is easier than being a loser who wants to be a winner.


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