Ep 448 – Clinton 2020?

Is Clinton 2020 a real thing? Some “experts” are suggesting that not only is it a possibility, but that Hillary is quietly positioning herself to not only run, but beat all other Democrats for the nomination and then take on the Donald once again. While she does has some things going for her, such as name recognition, money, and a cabinet already in place, there’s only one way Hillary could actually win.

Unemployment just ticked up, the Federal Reserve is signaling that more rate hikes are coming, inflation is picking up, GDP predictions are down. The old saying “it’s the economy, stupid” holds true. If the U.S. faces a recession, Hillary Clinton’s campaign ads almost write themselves. “It’s not just Hillary’s second chance, its America’s second chance!”

ALSO – College students are already against Donald Trump’s SCOTUS nominee… even though the nominee hasn’t been announced! We need to do a better job educating people about how the federal government is set up, the different roles of each branch, and why activist justices are NOT good for America.

Tim also shares an article on the three things that will virtually guarantee that YOU will never be broke. Unfortunately, people who criticize the rich and want them to “pay their fair share” spend no time actually reading what the rich have to say. If Americans spent as much time READING as they do tweeting, how much richer could this nation be? Exactly!


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