Ep 449 – Brett Kavanaugh

Now that Donald Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, both the left and right are missing the ball. Kavanaugh is neither the next Scalia nor is he the worst thing to happen to democracy. What is more aggravating than anything isn’t the people protesting, but the politicians who fear monger and openly lie to their constituents.

ALSO – Tim digs into a story that shows exactly how bad Chicago is getting. The shootings are under-reported, and no one, especially the elitist politicians in Washington, gives a damn. The numbers are truly astounding, but no one with a voice cares enough to talk about the devastating effects of the welfare state, the war on drugs, government schools, or the minimum wage.

Finally, Tim takes on Senator Elizabeth Warren and clears up all of her lies. It is possible she isn’t lying though. Perhaps she is just that stupid. Taking her interview on MSNBC at face value, one can only conclude that Warren doesn’t have a firm grasp of how American government works.


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