Ep 450 – Federal Mafia

Whether it is Obama’s government or Trump’s government, we need to recognize who our enemy truly is: The Federal Mafia. Donald Trump, by imposing tariffs on China (and much of the rest of the world, for that matter) has circumvented the Constitution, gone around Congress, and imposed tax increases on the American people, and most people are okay with it.

We are living in a time of mass Stockholm syndrome, where Americans identify with their own captures and the very people who hold them at ransom. Tim goes over the official statement from the State Department, which warns people of renouncing their citizenship – if you are a stateless person, “no government will ‘protect’ you”. What a joke! Who steals from Americans? Who kills Americans? Who imprisons Americans? It isn’t the Chinese, the Europeans, or the Russians; it’s the American government. Open your eyes!

ALSO: For the first time, Tim sheds a bit of light on his upcoming project – a book that focuses not just on politics and libertarianism, but how to succeed in business, life, and how to train your brain to work at its best. More on this in the coming weeks…



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