Ep 453 – Shallow Conversations vs Deep Conversations

This episode, while including a myriad of news stories, tries to frame them all around avoiding shallow conversations and trying to have deeper ones. A shallow conversation usually ends with two people agree that the other is stupid, evil, racist, and just not worth having a conversation with. A deep conversation goes beyond talking points and confronting the real reasons people disagree.

It may be a matter of facts. Two sensible people can come to wildly different conclusions if they aren’t using the same set of facts. It can be a matter of personal experience or bias. If before people even talk, however, they are automatically assuming the other person is a BAD PERSON, the conversation will never reach the deeper level.

Tim starts the show with a commentary on Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter, who was forced to resign because he used the “n-word”. The context he used it in is very important though, and no one even bothered to talk about it. The show also includes news on Julian Assange, Rod Rosenstein, and the World Health Organization now naming “Compulsive Sexual Behavior” as a mental disorder.


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