Befuddled Virtue Signaling

“The entire point of the entire Russia thing is simply Virtue Signaling.
If YOU hold values contrary to the Progressive Left, YOU will be labeled a Russian Stooge.”

I am Mark Canha sorry about not being here yesterday. The day wasn’t the brilliant success I’d hoped for, but it was still great to get away with Cami, Ben, and our daughter. We had a wonderful lunch in Elbe, and then got completely lost on the mountain drive. It was great!

But now back to work with what would have been on the Monday Show, had there been one…

“What was so bad about Monday’s press conference?” A very special texter wanted to know. In a voice Mail, Busters wonders “HOW” the Russians influenced the election? 

I think that by now, everybody’s pretty much had their say about it. From the “Why would Trump support Intelligence agencies that are “faux investigating” him” to the “Trump wants to be Putin’s buddy” explanations will all fit into whatever political views you have personally. Whatever your position, there’s an explanation that will satisfy your preconceived notions.

So what does Dave think about it? It’s a broad question and it involves much more than Trump and Putin. It starts with Obama and Clinton. Really, even before that, with the entrenchment of civil service agencies that – for the most part – shouldn’t exist in the first place and all work for the President. It tangentially involves the debate and the ruling over abortion, which – for the most part – Conservatives are seeing backward. It isn’t that being overturned would “send it back to the States (and it won’t).” It IS about what the ruling represents in the first place. Which isn’t abortion…

Had my first visit to Starbucks since the Great Straw-Out yesterday. Look, please STOP trying to convince me that “there are better coffees than Starbucks.” I do not go there for my coffee. I buy Folgers Black Silk and I brew it myself. I go there because my wife, whom I love with all my spleen and liver loves it. At any rate, I went there for the first time since the chain announced it was going strawless…


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