Ep 455 – Trump and Putin

Days after the meeting of Trump and Putin, Tim finally speaks on the topic at length. The key to remember here is that there are thousands of individuals within the American government who are pointing the finger at Russia, only as a distraction for what they have been up to.

The opening statements from both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are played in their entirety with input from Tim, who applauds Trump AND Putin for seeking peace and a better relationship between two nuclear nations. This is a WIN, and yet the MSM, politicians, and Washington Think-tank “experts” are outraged.

ALSO – Tim delves into Chicago’s proposed universal basic income, which has been tried just recently in Finland. Finland canceled the program after seeing how useless it was. Leave it to American politicians to disregard evidence from the rest of the world as to why their own ideas for socialist utopias won’t prevail.


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