Ep 456 – Contra Ellison

Keith Ellison is an interesting politician, not just because of his background and views, but because his views are gaining traction within the Democrat party. We need to pay attention to the real leaders in the DNC, not just Nancy Pelosi. Although she is the “leader” of the party, her health is clearly diminishing, and younger, far more radical, representatives are poised to take her place.

The “no borders” movement is gaining traction, but it is laced with outright falsehoods. Keith is claiming that it is hard to cross the border to work, but Tim sets the record straight with a personal story. Tim has personally stood in line with migrant workers, many of whom work in America, but live in Mexico. Are the politicians ignorant or liars? Pick one!

ALSO – Salon published an article that claimed the Donald Trump is “clearly guilty” of colluding with Russians. If this is the nonsense that Americans are reading, they are getting a radically biased take on current events, and one that disregards historical precedent and simple logic.


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