Ep 458 – Trump VS The FED

President Trump is upset that the Fed is raising interest rates, but if the economy really is “the strongest in American history”, what does he have to fear? The truth is staring us right in the face! The U.S. economy sucked under President Obama, and the numbers that matter have only gotten worse under Trump.

Increasing risks of a trade war with the E.U. and China are forcing dollars to come back into the U.S. economy, causing inflation. Russia is preparing to completely go off the dollar. The chickens laid by Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen are coming home to roost. Trump’s fatal mistake was taking credit for what was clearly a bubble economy.

 ALSO – Tim hits Chicago (again) over their outrageous weekend filled with death and violence. Sunday’s morning shows were packed with OLD NEWS about Trump and Putin, not even bothering to mention the horrible loss of human life on the streets of America’s inner cities.


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