Ep 464 – $329 Billion

Put down the pompoms for the 4.1% GDP number – we’re looking at the debt EXPLODING in the third quarter by $329 billion! Republicans for years cried about Barack Obama’s spending spree, arguing that if only they controlled the House, they’d cut spending. Then they demanded the Senate, and then they would cut spending. When that wasn’t enough, they demanded the Presidency. Still, we see the same. Big spending politicians have no party.

The bums in Washington are not interested in preserving the value of the dollar, or of retaining America’s credit rating. Next year, the interest on the debt alone will top $400 billion, and that number will only increase as the Federal Reserve raises rates, and big spending Republicans add even more to the national debt.

One good number is not a good economy. The housing market is seeing cracks, with home sales falling for three of the last four quarters. Additionally, home prices are topping off, and interest rates are rising. Have we seen this movie before? Keep in mind, the economy often rallies right before a crash.

ALSO – People are demanding Spotify drop Alex Jones’ podcast from their lineup. A student was told he wasn’t allowed to hand out the Constitution on a college campus. What’s going on in the state of free speech? These attacks on the free speech come almost exclusively from the left, and we must recognize that.


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