Ep 465 – Remso Martinez

Remso Martinez joins Tim for this episode to discuss the case against 3D printed guns. Is there anything more than freedom of speech at issue here? Cody Wilson is doing nothing more than giving people blueprints, but he is not giving away guns, nor is he making them. States and even the NRA are up in arms over the issue. The NRA is at a point where they must decide – do they support the second amendment, or do they only support their friends in the gun manufacturing industry?

ALSO – Tim digs into Rod Rosenstein, and the fact that he signed documents that gave him FISA warrants to surveil American citizens. Those documents came FROM RUSSIA! Let’s go ahead and start referring to him as Rod Russiastein from now on!

Paul Manafort has begun his court trial, but as the case proceeds remember this – it has nothing to do with Russia. This is about the Deep State taking out anyone associated with Trump. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Libertarians need to stand against Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, and the Deep State. We will prevail! We will win!


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