An 8000% Increase In Bigfoot Erotica

The Coast Guard has announced that the Duck Boat that sank last week in Missouri was not being operated in accordance with the standing safety procedures. Really? Who’s surprised? I don’t know how more forcefully I can say this: the sea – including lakes, creeks, rivers, ponds and even swimming pools – is ALWAYS trying to kill you. If you’re dumb enough to let it, that’s on you. I know the operators of the Tour Boats will be liable for the $100 Million lawsuits, but really, if you’re dumb enough to get into a boat in weather like that…

In New Mexico, a Federal Judge has ruled that a now-defunct asset forfeiture program used to steal… ahem… seize assets from citizens is unconstitutional. I mean, duh. sadly, there are still those in the White House and Indiana who think that asset forfeiture is a great idea. My hope is that the Supreme Court, already having granted cert on the Indiana question, will build on this case and stop this despicable practice once and for all.

As of 2016, the highest paid government employees in thirty-nine States were either College Football or College Basketball Coaches. Did you get that? The government employee – the Civil Servant – pulling down the most taxpayer-funded salary, is a sports coach. Look, I love sports. I can tolerate NCAA football, and I clearly prefer College hoops to the NBA. I enjoy the occasional NCAA Hockey game, and on a rare occasion, a women’s softball tournament. The argument is always that these coaches are in essence, producing a product that the University “sells” to its consumers thus generating even more revenue “for the school,” which then can fund a few math and English professors to teach the students who are incapable of producing anything the University needs (money) except by paying tuition and collecting grant money. Which is nowhere near what the School gets for a set of season tickets.

In Ohio, the football coach for THE Ohio State University, one Urban Meyer, tried to ignore the goings on his coaching staff, using the vaunted Paterno Defense – and it (of course) backfired on him and got him suspended (for now). Now, one could argue that it (the abuse) was none of his business, a private matter between wife and husband.

Yep, somebody could argue that…


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