Ep 470 – The Mueller Epstein Connection

When the FBI released documents surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein case recently, almost no one caught on that there may be some sort of Mueller Epstein connection. The case was dropped from 50+ charges to just a single one, and Epstein was basically let free. New documents show that witnesses were never interviewed and that the slow pace of the case was due to people at the federal level. Who was in charge of the FBI at the time? You guessed it.

There’s a long feud between the targets of the Mueller investigation and Mueller’s own political allies. It doesn’t take much imagination to come to the conclusion that the Russia investigation has nothing to do with Russia, and is a political attack on anyone who questions the prevailing narrative presented to Americans via the government-infiltrated MSM.

News broke that the Pentagon has been behind hundreds of blockbuster Hollywood hits, actively changing scripts to meet their needs. They’ve done the same with over a thousand television programs. What you see on the vast majority of content on television and in movie theaters is little more than Pentagon propaganda.

The increasing attacks on and censorship of people who think outside the box is a sign that the Federal Mafia is afraid of Americans questioning its authority. Yes, taxation is theft. Yes, the government is an immoral institution. Yes, wars are always destructive to both sides and are often based in lies. Yes, humans all have the right to be free. These ideas are “radical” and need to be shut down.


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