Ep 472 – FRIDAY SPECIAL: Public Enemy #1

A Friday Special again, this time addressing who or what is America’s #1 public enemy. No, we’re not talking about the FBI’s most wanted list, but rather something happening in our society that is a threat to everything we hold dear. Regardless of what you’re hearing from almost everyone in media today, the biggest threat is rarely talked about.

It isn’t fake news, even though our slanted news is a real problem. It isn’t our poor schools, the drug war, unemployment, or crime either. The biggest threat to America isn’t from outside. It isn’t Russia, China, or Iran, but it also doesn’t hold public office. It’s not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. In fact, it isn’t even government.

As bad as the national debt, trade deficits, and the Federal Reserve are, they aren’t the number one problem our nation faces. After Tim goes over ALL of these problems, he reveals the greatest problem America faces today. Listen through to the end and see if you agree.


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