Ep 473 – Saudi Puppets

The schlubs in Washington remain silent as their coalition in the middle east slaughters children, virtually admitting they’re nothing more than Saudi Puppets. Saudi Arabia is pulling money out of Canada after they dared condemn the political prisoners taken by the corrupt government. The Canadian dollar begins to crash…

No western nation has the guts to stand up to the monsters in Saudi Arabia. Let this be a lesson – whatever wars the U.S. is involved in in the middle east have nothing to do with human rights or protecting the innocent. They are about paying back the extremists who invest billions in America’s economy.


ALSO – MSM is calling Trump a racist based on his policies, but exactly which policies are racist? Let’s think about it for a moment – isn’t Trump more or less basically another Republican? Foreign intervention, massive spending, and “tax cuts”. Yet, he has outraged the left for one simple reason: He’s correctly called out FAKE NEWS!


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