It’s At The End Of The Hallway

So… first off a couple of housekeeping things. I will only be here for the show today and tomorrow (Tuesday). On Wednesday, Ben and I are headed out for a “Guys” day in Oregon with my Brotherin and his son. We’ll be home very late that night, so probably not conducive to doing a Thursday show. On Friday we will be quite busy getting packed up for vacation.

I will be gone all of the next week (20-25), on a vacation that is shaping up to be EPIC. Two full days in Yellowstone. A full day in Little Piney Creek, another full day at Little Big Horn, and then, the cherry on top, we will be traveling to a remote part of Eastern Montana to visit my favorite paleontologist at an actual dinosaur dig!

Can you tell that I am jazzed about the trip? Aretha Franklin is in “grave condition.” She was wonderful, and I am losing yet another of my childhood icons.

Peter Strzok was fired on Friday. Whatever political spin you choose to put on this, you cannot get around one simple fact: he did something extremely stupid.

The Peoples Demokratick Republick of Kalifornia informed me last Friday that they are very upset that I had not paid my vehicle registration for 2017. In fact, the DMV was so upset that they requested that the Franchise Tax Board track me down and threaten to take legal action against me to force me to pay the registration fees.

Now… I will say this: the FTB folks are a lot more reasonable and friendly to talk to than the DMV. Once they realized what was actually going on, they were actually sort of apologetic. Except they were insistent on one thing: That I personally call the DMV and tell them that I moved a while ago. I’ll get right on that…

Speaking of the DMV, they made the news a lot on Friday, with three separate stories. First up, the DMV lines are so long that people are resorting to stealing license plates rather than wait. Second, the State Legislature seemingly doesn’t think that the lines are bad enough to warrant an audit. Thirdly, it turns out the reason the Legislators don’t care about the lines is simply because they personally don’t have to stand in them. You know, like the little people they serve.

Good news! The press is now letting us know that we should be upset about the whole thing…


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