Ep 474 – Pork Barrel Pentagon

The Pentagon just got a big boost from President Trump – a $716 billion boost! Too many “conservatives” give a stamp of approval to the DOD because they see military spending as a good role for government. They fail to recognize that the DOD is just like any other federal bureaucracy; it is filled with waste and inefficiency.

Trump claimed that this new measure to increase military spending to record levels will make America safer, but that just isn’t true. Plenty of nations around the world are safe, despite spending a fraction of what the U.S. spends on “defense”. How do they do it? They don’t go around the world looking for enemies!

ALSO – Roger Stone is being targeted by the Mueller investigation. Tim takes time to read Stone’s most recent publication on the Daily Caller and urges listeners to give what they can to Stone’s defense fund. It isn’t about supporting Stone, or Trump – it is about defending Americans from the Deep State!


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