Ep 482 – A Hero Lost

Over the weekend the nation lost a prominent war hero and Republican politician: John McCain. Although McCain is by no means the main focus of this episode (you can get that on MSM, if you want), we should take a minute and look back. Are all of the grave criticisms now foregone that the man is dead? Do we just forget about the man who rallied for “campaign finance reform” aka free speech restriction?

The last important vote McCain placed was to uphold and keep Obamacare. THAT is his legacy! A big government progressive war hawk. If truth is told, he will not be remembered as a war-hero, but rather as a war-monger, never seeing a sovereign country he didn’t want to invade.

ALSO – Tim delves into a new Vice report that takes aim at America for not tackling gender equality. This brings up a myriad of questions about the very definition of equality. Are men and women the same? Obviously not. Any person who isn’t bisexual must admit that men and women aren’t the same. DUH!


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