Ep 483 – Protector of Pedophiles

Pope Francis may well have known about the pedophiles inside his own church when he withdrew punishment for a prominent cardinal upon taking his position less than a decade ago. After the Pennsylvania Grand Jury found that over 1,000 children were abused over a 70 year period by over 300 priests, all eyes are on the Catholic church, and yet the leader of it remains suspiciously quiet.

What does he know? For how long has he known it? And if the diocese in western Pennsylvania were keeping track of all their victims in binders, what kinds of evidence is the Pope sitting on at the Vatican? The time has come to call the Catholic church out for what it is: An international pedophile ring masquerading as a religion.

ALSO – Donald Trump has made a deal with Mexico, but the trade deal does nothing to solve America’s biggest problem – the fact that our economy is propped up by consumer and government debt, dependent on artificially low interest rates that are set to rise later this year. The bubble is going to burst, and those taking credit for the boom will be left dealing with the aftermath of a bust.


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