Ep 484 – Defund the Vatican!

Defund the Vatican! This is the only option for Catholics who want to clean house but don’t want to give up their faith. Instead of throwing your money into the hush-money fund, give it to another worthy charity. In order for the Catholic Church to change, it must feel the anger of its members in the bank statement.

Only when Catholics protest by withholding their dollars will there be true reform in the clergy. Numerous reports are showing that the cover-up of thousands of cases of sexual abuse goes all the way to Pope Francis himself. No matter what these monsters say in public, the evidence doesn’t lie. We KNOW what happened in Pennsylvania! What thinking person believes it is unique to that state or this country?

ALSO: New reports show that Hillary Clinton’s private email server was hacked, but not by the Russians. It was hacked by the Chinese. This wouldn’t have even been possible had Hillary followed the rules and not accepted confidential government emails on her own private server located in her New York home.

ALSO: Cynthia Nixon, the Stalinist running against Andrew Cuomo in New York for Governor, is claiming that unless the temperature of their next debate venue is 76 degrees, it is evidence of sexism. Is this woman serious? Put on a turtleneck. Maybe when you’re the incumbent you can decide where to set the thermostat at the debates.


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