Ep 485 – Kryssi Wichers for Ohio

Candidate for Ohio’s 77th District, Kryssi Wichers, joins Tim for a chat about her campaign and the issues she’s running on as the Libertarian Party nominee. Sadly, Ohio’s middle class has been hit hard by burdensome regulations that have driven business out of the state, leaving seniors to fend for themselves when their pensions evaporate.

One of the amazing issues Wichers is running on is her drive to not just lower Ohio’s income tax, but completely ELIMINATE IT! This gives workers more money in their pocket but doesn’t force small businesses to pay higher wages that they can’t afford. The only loser in this equation is the state government, which is currently paying legislators $60,000/year to debate on what the state dog should be. Kryssi wants to turn the states’ legislators into part-time workers, force them to get real jobs, and cut their pay in half!

Complete with experience on the Ron Paul campaign, as well as spreading the message of free markets at Occupy Wall Street events in Portland, Kryssi is the whole package and could be a real voice for change in the state of Ohio. Governments need more people like her running office, promising to cut their pay, relinquish their power, and let people live their lives in the best way they see fit. You can find out more Kryssi Wicher’s campaign by visiting KryssiForOhio.org and Facebook.com/Kryssi4Ohio!


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