Ep 486 – More Cover-Ups

The cover-ups continue with news that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took a $25,000 campaign donation from Harvey Weinstein just six days before the District Attorney for Manhattan was ordered by Cuomo to close the investigation. Despite the denials by all involved, curious readers just need to follow the money, face reality, and recognize that the sexual assault of women is covered up not just by Hollywood elites, but by those in charge of America’s justice system.

ALSO – Tim continues his assault on the Catholic church, again calling for Catholics to do what is in their power to change the heads of their religion. Hit them where it hurts – their wallet. Donate you weekly tithing to a noble charity instead of throwing money into an offering plate.

Tim makes some shocking claims – that because Pope Francis has not released the evidence of sexual assault available in Vatican records, Pope Francis has chosen to protect his clergy over doing what is right. Pope Francis is “okay” with what these clergy are STILL doing to this day.


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