Ep 487 – Sensitivity Training

It is becoming more and more apparent that sensitivity has become a new virtue, not just on college campuses, but in political campaigns. In Florida’s gubernatorial race, Republican Ron DeSantis made the mistake of referring to his black Democratic opponent as “articulate”, which thereby assumes that black people aren’t articulate. Wait… What?

In fact, this outrage that is being shown on CNN, MSNBC, and ABC comes straight out of manuals passed out at colleges on “micro-aggressions”. It wasn’t long ago that micro-aggressions were laughed at, but now mainstream media is jumping on the band wagon. Calling someone a racist is so much easier than debating policy positions, especially when one candidate is an outright socialist who fears voters knowing exactly how extreme their beliefs are.

The Vatican is still staying silent amide more scandals of sexual abuse of children. Pope Francis urged “silence and prayer” in the wake of allegations, instead of the more effective strategy of investigate, judge, and sentence. What is the Pope hiding?

ALSO – Children are becoming increasingly addicted to video games such as Fortnite, with some even becoming physically violent with parents who attempt to restrict their play time. A story out of Australia covers a 14-year-old who hasn’t even attended school for the last two years and spends his entire life in his bedroom. Luckily, some parents are taking a stand and actually BEING PARENTS!


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