The McCain Funeral(s)

I hate Labor Day. Not for any pseudo-political manifesto reason. For the simple reason that it represents death. The end. I know the equinox is still a couple of weeks off, but the death of summer just sucks.

Spent the weekend getting Ben out of the house one last time for the Summer. all the years I lived here before and now, and I had never been to Cape Flattery. It is the most Northwest point on the CONUS that can be physically accessed by people. So we headed out with a very grumpy eight-year-old who ended up having a really good day…

I’ve heard that many of you are just pining to know my opinion of the John S. McCain III funeral. I’ve heard that.

Aretha Franklin was also laid to her final rest, but the bigger problem is that she was, as you would expect, a moderately wealthy person. And for some reason, she did not have a plan in place for her financial disposition.

which reminds me, some of you have asked what I thought about the McCain funeral(s) that happened over the long weekend.

The NFL Season is upon us, and the controversy still swirls about what to do about the National Anthem. Seriously, they still have not figured this out. Nike thought that they had it figured out, but their stock price fall says that even they still don’t get it…

Which is odd because most people weren’t paying any attention to Nike anyway as the McCain funeral(s), about which I have strong opinions, were taking place.


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