Ep 488 – Kavanaugh: Day 1

The first day of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing was eventful only because of the protests. 70 people were arrested after they began shouting incessantly during the hearing, and it was all a part of the plan conceived not just by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, but by Ted Kennedy in 1987.

Fear mongering was rampant. Trump’s nominee will roll back protections for minority, women, and workers… or so they say. Let’s be honest though – we’ve seen this movie before.

The young Senator from New Jersey, Cory Booker, took the opportunity to bring himself into the eye of a national audience, speaking about his reverence of America’s founding documents. Yet, his opening remarks left something to be desired – an actual understanding of those documents.

What made America great was not government, a welfare program, some clever “progressive” policy set forth by Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, or Obama. It was the belief in the power of the individual, who, left unto his own devices, can achieve anything. We fought a war for INDEPENDENCE, NOT DEPENDENCE!



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