Ep 489 – Kavanaugh: Day 2

On Wednesday, Judge Brett Kavanaugh underwent the second day of his confirmation hearing, which featured California Senator Kamala Harris “grilling” him on such issues as voter ID laws, and Roe v Wade. Regardless of what problems libertarians may have with the nominee, he performed exceptionally well and kept his cool throughout the hearing, which unfortunately featured a barrage of socialists bringing up topics that have little or nothing to do with the Supreme Court.

Harris is not just another Senator, but rather the junior Senator from California and a top pick for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. Her performance (yes, a “performance”) during these hearings is crucial to understanding the rise of not just “progressives”, but rather the rise of outright socialists. Her record shows her support for larger government, limited individual liberty, and a centrally planned economy.

When listening to her speak, try to take in what position she’s coming at Brett Kavanaugh from. She doesn’t question him on any of the REAL problems libertarians or even conservatives would want to discuss: His stance on the fourth amendment, for instance. Instead, she picks hot-button issues on abortion and “women’s rights”.



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