Ep 491 – Alex Jones Is NOT a Libertarian

After being kicked off of virtually all social media, Alex Jones has taken his controversial content straight to Washington, attempting to make a greater name for himself by being a free speech martyr as well as a thorn in the side of Florida Senator Marco Rubio. However, Jones’ message is one of more regulation, which NO libertarian can agree with.

In order to push back against Facebook and Twitter, Jones is calling for the government to enter the internet marketplace and regulate it, the same way government regulates water and energy companies. Wait… what?! The problem isn’t that Jones is calling for this expansion of government, but that many people associate Jones with libertarianism. He is branding libertarians as InfoWarriors.

ALSO – Vice President Mike Pence was interviewed on Sunday by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. In the interview Pence revealed his own ignorance not just of the Constitution, but of very recent history. He claims the Justice Department shouldn’t prosecute politicians if it could affect an election, but GOSH… remember Jim Comey in 2016?!



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