Flint, Unions, Democrats & Moore

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore recently sat down with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in Flint Michigan to discuss Donald Trump, the rise of the middle class, and the importance of electing socialist Democrats to office. Moore incorrectly attributes the rise of the middle class out of the 1930s with the coming prominence of unions. He then skips past the effects those unions had – scaring off the employers the middle class relied on.

Moore also fails to mention that the cities most effected by the loss of manufacturing jobs were almost exclusively run by Democrats, many of whom were supported by the unions themselves. The fall of Michigan and many other states whose economies were solidly based around manufacturing was not overseen by Republicans.

Flint has been without clean drinking water, and even this is blamed on Republicans. Moore’s solution – more government, even though the government has failed to provide basic essentials for a healthy population. Perhaps Flint should privatize its water supply. Try free markets. Clearly, big government has failed.



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