Ep 497 – Demand Evidence!

Brett Kavanaugh is undergoing a brutal smear job by Democrats, but he has at least one thing on his side – there is no evidence of him doing anything wrong with Christine Blasey Ford. When we’re dealing with judging someone, either in a courtroom or in the public sphere, we must remember to look for evidence before we come to our conclusions.

The same should be said about American foreign policy as well. Politicians, talking heads, pundits, and everyday citizens have become convinced that Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons on the people of Syria. Yet no one has given any concrete evidence to back this up.

Instead of focusing on Assad, perhaps we should be concerned with Israel, which is firing rockets on Iranians in Syria. By doing this, Israel is indirectly helping ISIS and the radical elements that Assad and his Iranian and Russian allies have been trying to defeat. No declaration of war is needed, apparently.

The rules that apply to some countries ought to apply to ALL countries. The rules that apply to a formal courtroom ought to apply to how we judge people in public opinion. When America chooses political theatrics over due process, we are headed in the wrong direction.



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