PODCAST: Ep 504 – Idiots! All of Them! | PREUSSPODCAST.COM

If you didn’t think Americans were idiots already, a new survey shows that only 1/3 of Americans can actually pass the citizenship test. As sad as it is, it brings up the question of what citizenship even means. If foreigners know more about America than people who were born here, why do we get to be so lucky?

Isn’t citizenship just welfare for people born in a certain geographic region? If we’d have been born anywhere else, we’d have to actually work to become citizens. Yet, there is no real incentive for Americans to learn more about basic civics and history. Why bother, when getting likes on Instagram and Facebook is so much more enticing?

More and more youngsters are falling into the trap of seeking fame and worship from their peers. This fame will fade, as it always does, and instead, America’s youth will be looking towards a future that is spiraling down instead of moving upward each year. A 13-year-old may reach their peak at 13, and then what? What’s left to look forward to?



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Source: PODCAST: Ep 504 – Idiots! All of Them! | PREUSSPODCAST.COM


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