PODCAST: Ep 506 – End of Another Chapter | PREUSSPODCAST.COM

It appears that the Kavanaugh chapter has finally ended, but this only leads us to something bigger: The 2018 Midterm elections, less than a month away. The media has spent almost every waking minute covering Kavanaugh, but that brings up the question – whatever happened to the Russian collusion story?

The investigation is still on-going, but no one has said much about it. It is possible that Mueller is waiting for the right moment to announce his findings, but whether that happens before or after the midterms, he’ll be in a tough spot, much as Comey was in 2016.


ALSO – Stephen Colbert’s writer was caught tweeting that her mission all along was not to cover the news, make people laugh, or provide insight into the Kavanaugh hearings, but it was simply to destroy the life of an innocent man. This divide is deep and will take some serious work to mend.

ALSO – San Fransisco is facing dire problems within its homeless population. An increasing number of homeless, and an increasing number of addicted homeless, and an increasing number of drug dealers. The progressives’ paradise is turning into hell on Earth!


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Source: PODCAST: Ep 506 – End of Another Chapter | PREUSSPODCAST.COM


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