What do the Proud Boys and Elizabeth Warren have in common? They both think that who their ancestors are matters. In 2018, we should have moved past caring about a person’s family tree, but both the left AND the right are clinging to being proud of people they never knew, never met, and know little about – their ancestors.

The Proud Boys claim that they are responsible for modern western civilization, but in reality, they’re not. Perhaps their forefathers were, but 21st century entitled Americans are not responsible for everything good about America. Did they (as individuals) invent anything particularly life changing? Probably not. Bill Gates did, and yes, he’s a white male from America, but that doesn’t give every other white male in America the right to claim that THEY are responsible for western civilization.

The trick here is that both the left and the right have their collectivist groups, who see people not as individuals, but as groups. The reason this kind of thinking is wrong is because individuals act, groups don’t. Individuals love, groups don’t. Individuals think, groups don’t. Individuals are judged, groups should not be.



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Source: PODCAST: Ep 512 – Proud Boys | PREUSSPODCAST.COM


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