PODCAST: Ep 516 – Single Payer Scam | PREUSSPODCAST.COM

According to recent polling a majority of Americans now support some sort of single-payer health care option, but what the crooked politicians aren’t telling anyone is that universal health care won’t be an “option”. It will be a mandate, an outlawing of private insurance, and there won’t be any way to opt out.

Still, late night comedians are pushing for it. Samantha Bee attempted to debunk some talking points against universal healthcare, but in the process, she just exposed her own ignorance on the issue. Sadly, most of the people who watch Samantha Bee, or are in favor of a government-run plan, are also ignorant on the issue.

Would it cost more than we’re paying right now? Well, if the government spending $1300 on coffee mugs is any indication of how the government spends your money, then no. Everything the government does costs more than it would in the private sector, most times with worse results. We need only examine the terrible care given out by the V.A. to get a preview of government-run healthcare.




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Source: PODCAST: Ep 516 – Single Payer Scam | PREUSSPODCAST.COM


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