PODCAST: Ep 517 – Trump the Nationalist | PREUSSPODCAST.COM

CNN cannot believe that President Donald Trump openly admitted and then defended being a “nationalist”. What he meant by that, at least according to Trump, is that he loves America and wants to put America first when it comes to economic and trade policy. Debating trade deals is one thing, and is worthy of doing, but instead, CNN’s whole roster of anchors have spent days discussing the “racial undertones” of nationalism.

The obvious negative connotations of nationalism come from the Nazis in early 20th century Germany, yet for some reason, socialism doesn’t carry the same weight. The Nazis were in fact, nationalist socialists after all. It wasn’t just the nationalism that killed Jews in WWII, but also socialism that killed millions of other religious and ethnic minorities. Will the media condemn Bernie’s socialism the same way they condemn Trump’s nationalism? Don’t count on it!




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Source: PODCAST: Ep 517 – Trump the Nationalist | PREUSSPODCAST.COM


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